Digital Download Policy

We are only responsible for creating and managing the files via the website. We do not offer support on cutting, editing, vinyl making, print and cut creation, etc. We offer the digital files with the full expectations that the recipient has knowledge of the specific file types that have been purchased. We create the files with the expectations that the recipient also knows how to manipulate and edit the file to their own liking for their own individual creations.

By purchasing our files, you are agreeing to:
* Use the files for your personal use only.
* Not use or share the files on any website.
* Not sell or distribute the files to any other party.
* Not claim the files as your own.

Consumers are only paying for our time and work that goes into the creation of these design packages, consumers are NOT paying for any character or logo. We maintain ownership of all of our designs, but any licensed characters, designs and logos maintain the copyright to their original respective owners and are offered as free. We do not claim ownership of any licensed character or image. Our digital packages are not an officially licensed product.

Due to the nature of digital downloads, we do not offer refunds for any digital items or files. By purchasing any files from this website, the recipient also agrees that we are free from any and all liability regarding all matters but not limited to any creations or projects that the purchaser has made with our files. Purchaser must obtain any and all licenses to use specific logos or characters. No license(s) transfers via any digital downloadable files or through this website.